LIST Test Center

The LIST Test Center in Arisdorf, Switzerland, helps customers turn their ideas into reality, confirming process feasibility while identifying and addressing potential problems.

At the heart of the Test Center is a specialized team of engineers and technicians. Their many years of experience with LIST technology helps them resolve process challenges quickly, efficiently, and cost-effectively. The facility is fully equipped with LIST Kneader Reactors and all necessary ancillary equipment, and operates in compliance with the latest standards for environmental protection, health, and safety. In the LIST Test Center, customers can quickly determine how LIST Kneader Reactor technology can help solve their processing challenges.

We work closely with our customers to identify the goals of the trials and to develop the testing protocol. During the actual testing, we gather reliable computer-acquired process data that is supported with manual records and observations. On completion of testing, our customers receive product samples, a video or DVD record of the testing, a detailed test report including all recorded data, and actual hands-on experience.

In the LIST Test Center, we can perform the following to quickly determine how LIST technology can solve processing problems:

  • Process testing – feasibility studies, cost-evaluation studies, process optimization
  • Product testing – sample production, confirmation of product quality
  • Scale-up testing – generation of process data for preliminary scale-up to industrial size units