Pilot Unit Rental Program

For longer-term continuous testing three possibilities exist:

  1. Customers can rent pilot equipment to be operated and tested at their site.
  2. Customers can buy their own pilot equipment.
  3. Third parties pilot plant equipped with LIST equipment can be accessed.

Continuous Test Run

LIST offers for your tests, a pilot plant center and pilot units on a rental basis for installation in your facility. The test units and the pilot plant center will be prepared on your process requests, by LIST process engineers. The rental program includes installation support, start-up assistance, and continuing technical advice throughout the campaign.

Range of available units

  • Volume: 3,0 – 175,0 liters
  • Heat exchange surface: 0,13 – 7,2 m2
  • Operation mode: Batch and/or Continuous
  • Operating pressure: 10-3 – 6,0 bar
  • Operating temperature: - 100 – 400 °C

In many cases our customers purchase their own pilot plant to be able to carry out real long-term continuous tests with many different recipes. Or they want to produce samples or run the first small production. For these cases we offer custom made small to mid sized units. Often the customer uses these pilot plants later on for the testing of new recipes before going to the industrial unit.