LIST Test facilities

LIST Demonstration Center


The LIST Global Demonstration Center was designed for the demonstration and development of processing solutions for the devolatilization and isolation of rubbers. Opened in 2013 in Arisdorf, Switzerland, the fully-automated facility allows customers to test the efficiency of LIST technology using different grades of the customer products. Customers are able to work directly with LIST engineers to develop, test and refine direct devolatilization systems customized for their specific needs.


The state-of-the-art facility duplicates a functional micro-plant environment; it is equipped with a fully instrumented and automated computer-controlled system featuring LIST Dry Processing Technology, with the LIST KneaderReactor at its heart. Customers, working side-by-side with LIST engineers, conduct testing for feasibility, Proof of Concept, production efficiency and product quality, as well as the reliability of individual solution designs. The Demonstration Center also enables LIST/customer teams to conduct parallel testing between two different applications using varying solution grades and conditions. 


The Demonstration Center helps customers significantly reduce the time and cost of process development, while ensuring a more efficient process minimizing the scale-up risk once the solution is integrated into their own facility. Specifically, new process solutions developed at the Demonstration Center are: 


  • More efficient 
  • Consume less energy 
  • Require less space 
  • Minimize waste
  • Optimize polymer quality and yield 

The facility is staffed by a team of LIST engineers who are specially trained to identify and resolve process challenges quickly, efficiently and cost effectively. Because it operates using the latest standards of environmental protection, health, and safety, the Demonstration Center also serves as a valuable training facility, providing customers hands-on experience with their process using best practice safety protocols.

LIST Test Center 

The LIST Test Center in Arisdorf, Switzerland, provides the equipment and expertise to help customers evaluate and confirm their process feasibility while identifying and addressing potential challenges.

The Test Center is staffed by a team of LIST engineers and technicians who specialize in identifying and resolving process challenges quickly, efficiently, and cost-effectively. Here, LIST engineers work closely with customers to identify the goals of the trials and to develop the testing protocol.

The facility is fully equipped with LIST Kneader Reactors and a full range of evaluation and data capture equipment, enabling engineers to conduct a wide range of process and product testing:  


Process testing: 

  • Feasibility studies
  • POC (Proving Operational Concept) testing
  • Process optimization
  • Scale-up evaluation
  • Long term reliability assessment

Product testing:

  • End-use evaluation of small sample sizes
  • Product quality assessment

All tests are customized and conducted individually and can take from one day to three weeks to complete. Typically, a full week is required to achieve results, which then can be used to scale up and optimize the process solution.


The state-of-the-art facility operates in compliance with the latest standards for environmental protection, health, and safety. Customers can also use the LIST Test Center to evaluate the efficacy of their operator training programs.


On completion of testing, customers receive product samples, a detailed test report including all recorded data, as well as a visual record (video or DVD) of all testing and hands-on activity. Since 1994, the LIST Test Center has been the site of more than 1,000 trials.