LIST Test Center
LensLIST Process Development

Every customer approaches LIST with an idea, a question, or a need. Working in conjunction with our customers, our test center helps turn ideas into realty. LIST engineers provide expertise in process technology while identifying and addressing possible process problems that arise along the way. Together, LIST and the customer develop the best process in the least amount of time.

Before every test, LIST process engineers carry out thorough pretest planning. Depending on the application we recommend one to three days for testing.

Independent of the desired industrial mode of operation (batch or continuous), LIST typically initially utilizes first batch operations in our Test Center. Batch testing provides the quickest and easiest method to identify the best combination of process parameters.

Processes that exhibit phase changes or variable rheological profiles can only be properly characterized through batch testing where individual process phases can be identified and analyzed.

Batch testing provides: 

  • Greatest amount of data in the least amount of time – product behavior can be studied under different conditions, quickly and easily 
  • Identification of process limits 
  • Data for initial scale-up and budget estimates 
  • Product samples over time for the evaluation of the process. 
  • Data over time for the simulation of the process and the parametric study of different process conditions. 

Continuous testing and processing provides:

  • Verification of axial product transport 
  • Development of start-up and shut down procedures 
  • Verification of scale-up calculations 
  • Review of drive scale-up 
  • Verify proper operation and necessity of auxiliary equipment such as dust filters and feed/discharge systems 
  • Observation of long-term phenomena such as crust formation or process influence to the product quality.

LIST has designed and engineered technologically advanced processes since 1966. The LIST Test Center supports these activities by eliminating guesswork and inconsistency through rigorous testing and analysis.