Heinz List

"Processes in the concentrated phase are considerably more efficient than processes in the diluted phase and therefore also significantly more economical."

LensPlug Flow Reactor

Today’s processing industry faces mounting pressure to move toward process intensification, cleaner production, and continuous optimization. Meanwhile, environmental concerns continue to push operators to find ways to reduce consumption of raw materials and energy, eliminate toxic substances, and lower emissions and waste. LIST Processing Solutions play a central role in helping processors achieve these goals. Our expertise in processing, mechanical, and chemical engineering combined with our knowledge of the capabilities of LIST systems provide a unique toolbox for developing new innovative and economical processes.

LIST’s ability to run processes in the concentrated phase with little or no solvent, known as Dry Processing, is helping customers meet surging demand while reducing costs. With LIST, the ultimate goal of lowering both CAPEX and OPEX while improving product quality and process reliability is possible.


  • Process intensification 
  • Yielding smaller plants with greater throughput
  • Maximum process yield per unit volume
  • Continuous instead of batch processes
  • Scalable, flexible processes
  • Minimal use of solvents
  • Reduced product handling
  • Lower energy consumption