LensLIST Dry Processing

Dry Processing, also known as solvent-free or solvent-light processing, is a discipline established by LIST and is possible due to LIST’s ability to run processes in the concentrated phase.

Traditional chemical reactions, including those that change phases during the reaction, require solvents or diluents to reduce viscosity and promote heat transfer. This is especially crucial when dealing with highly viscous, sticky materials. The solvents must then be removed during the final stages of the process, recovered, purified, or possibly disposed of as toxic waste.

LIST challenges this convention and offers a radical way to exponentially increase performance by rethinking the entire process. LIST’s Dry Processing Technology allows for chemical processes to occur with little or no use of solvents or diluents, even when dealing with highly viscous, sticky materials. LIST technology enables polymerization without solvents, and it is an effective solution for polymer devolatilization.

Eliminating the need for solvents significantly cuts solvent handling costs and improves operating efficiencies. Cost savings are achieved through material and energy savings, smaller more compact plants, optimum use of raw materials, and reduction of waste handling.

Dry processing also has wide benefits for the environment. The reduction or elimination of solvents produces less toxic materials resulting in a cleaner production environment.

LIST is able to provide Dry Processing because of the innovative, robust design of the KneaderReactor, which is at the heart of LIST technology.