LIST Basic Design
Process and Instrumentation Diagrams


During the Basic Design stage, exact requirements and details are addressed, down to the nuts and bolts. P&ID’s (Process and Instrumentation Diagrams) are created to present the system in minute detail; elements such as the electrical connections, instrumentation, and line sizes are determined.

Functional Description

LIST engineers create a detailed functional description to communicate the system’s intended capabilities, appearance, and process. The functional description provides a written response to the original objectives of the customer.  

Automation Concept

As with any advanced manufacturing process, automation is key to scale-up and long-term success. The development of the Automation Concept determines the process data that will be continuously collected and the response the equipment must automatically take to keep the process running effectively and efficiently.

HAZOP Analysis and Guide

Safety is a top priority at LIST and a main benefit of our technology. Any time a solution is being developed, LIST engineers analyze safety concerns and address each one.