LIST Concept Design
LIST Basic Engineering

During the Concept Design phase, the solution becomes more defined. LIST engineers evaluate the equipment that is needed and develop the physical aspects of the system.


LIST engineers create Process Flow Diagrams (PFD’s) to assess the flow of materials from one piece of equipment to another. The engineers formalize the required equipment and instrumentation; working closely with the customer to achieve the desired flow for their specific process and environment.

Layout Drawings

During this stage, LIST engineers hone in on the details of the system layout; for example, equipment orientation, dimensions, heights and widths are considered. Questions such as, “Will the system stack? Will it spread out? How will it lay out?” are answered.  


With the creation of CAD drawings, the engineers and customer can clearly evaluate the system, looking for any interferences or concerns that need to be addressed.  At the conclusion of this stage, what began as a conceptual solution has been defined and taken physical form.