LIST Execution
LSIT Fabrication Facility
LensLIST ISO Certification

Once the design process is complete, the LIST system is ready to be manufactured. LIST utilizes a carefully monitored fabrication process, involving some of the most qualified third-party professionals in the industry.


This manufacturing process begins with a clear plan between LIST and the fabrication facility. Thorough fabrication drawings are provided and reviewed. An Inspection and Test Plan (ITP) is developed containing a schedule of approval hold and inspection points to ensure the project is built to LIST standards.

The ITP assures quality of the manufacturing process by allowing LIST engineers to inspect all aspects of the system while it is being built, include measuring of tolerances and clearances, assuring the shaft is machined to the correct roughness, no imperfections are found in the welds.

Automation System

Automation is key to scale-up and long-term success. The Automation Concept that was previously designed for the continuous collection of process data and the automatic response of the system, is put in place to keep the process running effectively.


Fabrication is concluded with a Final Acceptance Test (FAT). At this point the customer and LIST engineers inspect the complete system for functional soundness. The system is then ready for shipment.

ISO9001 Standard

LIST meets all ISO 9001 standards. These standards were created to define, establish, and maintain an effective quality system, assure customers that LIST’s manufacturing processes are held to the highest standards.