LIST Process Design

CapEx / OpEx

During the LIST process design phase, LIST engineers scrutinize the proposed solution in terms of its overall efficiency, effectiveness, CapEx and OpEx. Using rigorous computerized and computational tools, we identify opportunities for optimizing the design and maximizing its cost-efficiency.


Unique to LIST is our scale-up guarantee. In-depth testing in the development phase provides the needed data to design a system that guarantees the required capacity when scale-up is complete. 

Process Simulation with CFD

Process simulation uses advanced computerized modeling to help LIST engineers understand and optimize the environment and flow of material through the system. Using tools like Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) enables us to predict how a specified material and grade will act and react under varying circumstances.

At the end of the process design phase, we will have identified the single most effective and efficient design based on the customer’s unique requirements and environment. In addition, we make sure that the scaled-up, commercial system will work as planned.