LIST Process Development
LensTest Facility
LIST Test Center

Every new LIST solution begins with collaboration between LIST engineers and our customers. The customer provides product insight and the chemistry, while LIST provides the process technology.  


During the initial phase, our goal is to understand every aspect of the customer’s situation, challenges and expectations. The conversation focuses on the scientific dynamics in play: energy, thermodynamics, the science of the process. A prequalification is conducted drawing from past experiences to evaluate whether a good fit exists between the product and the technology. Ideas evolve and a plan for testing is developed.


Process ideas are then tested in the LIST Test Center, gathering data and evaluating results.  The data gathered through testing is critical to process development and include:

  • Process testing – feasibility studies, cost-evaluation studies, process optimization
  • Product testing – sample production, confirmation of product quality
  • Scale-up testing – generation of process data for preliminary scale-up to industrial size units

The Process Development phase typically concludes with the selection of a single recommended solution.