LensLIST Process Start-Up

When a LIST system arrives at the customer destination, it has met a strenuous series of inspections and tests that assure its functional soundness. The system is now ready for installation. LIST Service Engineers are on site with the customer team to supply expert support and supervision during the installation and start-up phase of the LIST system.


LIST personnel provide immediate, on the spot consultation and supervision of the LIST system. LIST engineers perform a vigorous quality check on all equipment prior to installation.  

Once installed, a final inspection is conducted to insure that all equipment, auxiliaries, measuring and control devices are installed in accordance with the P&ID’s and layout plans. 

The mechanical start-up follows installation. During mechanical start-up, the operation of the system is tested without product. The objective of the mechanical start-up is to test the LIST system in all operating conditions and to ensure the system is mechanically functional and all control loops work. 

Performance Test

During Process Start-Up, LIST engineers run the system at operating conditions to confirm that the system operates as specified. LIST demonstrates the operation of the LIST system, step by step, providing hands-on training of customer’s personnel.  

Typical start-up sequence includes:

  • Initial start-up with product
  • Stepwise increase of feed rate
  • Full load operation
  • Normal shut down
  • Emergency shut down
  • Training for abnormal conditions