LensContinuous production of chocolate crumb
Figure 1: Continuous production of chocolate crumb.

The downstream drying step takes place in a dedicated single-shaft LIST KneaderReactor, operating under vacuum and with indirect heating. The Maillard reaction continues as moisture is removed from the mixture. As drying progresses, the homogeneous mass changes from a pasty consistency to a dry, crumbly and free-flowing product. With residence times of up to one hour, required for the Maillard reaction to progress satisfactorily, close control of product temperature is critical to ensure that the free sugar is present exclusively in crystalline form. The dry chocolate crumb is discharged continuously through a specialized LIST Piston Lock System.

In the pre-mixing step, dry and liquid components, such as milk powder or condensed milk, sugar and cocoa liquor, enter a twin-shaft continuous LIST KneaderReactor. As the ingredients pass along the machine they are first mixed and then heated. Heating initiates the Maillard reaction, which creates distinctive flavors through the reaction of sugars and proteins.

LIST Technology:

  • Makes optimum use of raw materials
  • Generates distinctive taste, flavor and texture
  • Warrants high flexibility in terms of capacity
  • Ensures long shelf life of product