Polymer Processing

Polymer/Elastomer Processing

Polymer processing applications pose unique challenges for equipment manufacturers. Materials are often highly viscous yet sensitive to shear and temperature. At the same time, they frequently degrade easily and processes can require longer residence times. 

Difficult challenges demand smarter solutions. LIST delivers with a full line of innovative kneader/reactor systems engineered to provide: 

  • Excellent mixing and kneading during hard to handle wet, pasty and viscous phases
  • Large throughputs, up to 10-20 tons/hour, for high volume commercial applications
  • Low shear rates that protect shear sensitive polymers and increase yield
  • High heat transfer surface area for improved temperature control
  • Efficient self-cleaning design that minimizes yield-depleting dead spots
  • Deployment flexibility that adapts to a wide range of residence times and materials.

LIST kneader reactors are currently used in virtually all processes of polymer and elastomer production, including bulk polymerization, polycondensation, devolatilization  and compounding.  Applications extend beyond traditional polymer and elastomer production to include the fast-emerging bioplastic and biopolymer processing markets.

Regardless of how it is deployed, every LIST solution is uniquely engineered to help operators increase yield, consistency and quality while lowering costs.